Pros And Cons Of Electronic Cigarettes

mango_juul_podsOne can accept complaints from someone who has recently switched over from traditional cigarettes to electronic ones if he went for the cheapest model available online and ended up purchasing a gadget manufactured in a third world country. He should not be blamed for complaining that the device did not provide the stated strength of nicotine or the flavor mentioned on its box. These things are bound to happen when one buys electronic cigarettes manufactured in countries in which they are assembled in underground labs without any quality control system in place.

Electronic cigarettes set to rule
Statistics show that the sales of e-cigs are increasing by leaps and bounds as more and more people become aware of its health benefits. Most of them do not mind paying a bit more for locally manufactured electronic cigarettes. The smart alecks know how to bypass this additional cost by applying appropriate coupon codes during the checkout process. However, curiosity is the one factor that binds all vapers. After having tried vaping a particular brand of e-cig, they want to try the products manufactured by a different company. They want to try the other flavors of e-juices that a different company offers or a specific model of e-cig. However, try as they might, they will not be able to find flavors such as mango, cool mint (it is far better than the normal mint flavor offered by other manufacturers), crème brulee, or fruit medley. The popularity of these flavors can be gauged from the fact that Juulvapor, the company that manufactures them, has set a limit of 15 pad packs (that is how they prefer to call their e-juice cartridges) per customer per month.

The problem and the solution
The price factor is the main problem for individuals planning to switch to Juul. This company manufactures only a specific design of electronic cigarette. They also design their cartridges in such a way that it can be only used on their device. However, one can reduce the prices of Juul’s products with the help of coupon codes. Remember, Juul offers exotic e-liquid flavors in limited quantities. Therefore, you should ensure that you use genuine coupons or you might have to wait for a month or more before the company releases that particular flavor again. Instead of taking any risk, get your Juul coupon from a site you can depend on for providing authentic and working Juul coupon codes.